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Cuộc Đời Diễn Viên - From Act To Act (20/20 Tập USLT)

Ngày: 4.26.2008
Người Đăng: Bí ẩn

Cuộc Đời Diễn Viên - From Act To Act - Cuoc Doi Dien Vien
Synopsis :
Typical Hong Kong style comedy From Act to Act discloses different aspects of Hong Kong pop stars and uncovers secret stories to the public. It starts the trend of imitating artists in TV dramas. Famous Hong Kong artists including Jacky Cheung, Anita Mui, Roman Tam and Paula Tsui are all being successfully imitated by TVB actors and actresses who possess exquisite acting talents. This creative drama arouses the interests of many viewers and has been a big hit in 1995. High caliber actors and actresses like Gordon Lam, Liu Wai Hung, Noel Leung, Mui Siu Wai and Lai Yiu Cheung join forces to present an entertaining drama to the Hong Kong audience.

Among all, Gordon Lam who imitates famous singer Jacky Cheung amazes the viewers to a great extent. His marvelous performance in imitating every pose and gesture of Jacky Cheung makes everyone break into laughter while watching. Even Jacky Cheung himself felt surprised at Gordon Lams extraordinary performance. The 1995 drama From Act to Act was definitely an important milestone in Gordon Lams acting career. Before that he had taken up numerous minor roles in TVB dramas but never the lead. He made a name for himself through From Act to Act and soon became one of the top male leads in TVB. Later he took part in popular TV dramas like Time Before Time, Plain Love II and Country Spirit, and also participated in such popular movies like Election.

Main Characters : Noel Leung | Liu Wai Hung | Mui Siu Wai

Upload Informations :
Phim dạng: DVDRip
Phim dai : 20 Tap
Link size : 440 MO
Host : Megaupload
Long Tieng : US - TVB

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