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Hong Gil Dong 쾌도 홍길동 :: KDrama 24Ep

Ngày: 8.8.2008
Người Đăng: Bí ẩn

Hong Gil Dong 쾌도 홍길동

Title: 쾌도 홍길동 / Hong Gil Dong
Also known as: Sharp Blade Hong Gil Dong
Genre: Comedy, romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Jan-02 to 2008-Mar

Kang Ji Hwanas Hong Gil Dong
Sung Yu Rias Heo Lee Nok
Jang Geun Sukas Lee Chang Hwui
Kim Ri Naas Seo Eun Hye

The main character Hong Gil-Dong is Minister Hongs son born of the maidservant Chun-Seom, during Sejongs reign in Joseon dynasty, in the capital Seoul. Gil-Dong practiced Taoist magic since a young age and would someday become a splendid individual, but due to his illegitimate birth he carried the grudge of not being able to address his father and siblings. His family feared Gil-Dongs unique skills would be the root of calamity someday thus they hired assassins to get rid of Gil-Dong.

Upon escaping danger, Gil-Dong left to wander and became a bandit leader.
Gil-Dong schemed to seize treasures from Hae-In-Sa, and afterwards with the name Hwal-Bin-Dang (army saving the poor), with skills and Taoist magic, he seized fortunes from the corrupt officials all over the country and gave them to the poor people, but did not take a penny from the common citizens. Gil-Dong captured treasures from the governor of Ham-Kyeong, and the governor submitted a report to the royal court. Thus Hong Gil-Dong became a wanted grand offender by the criminal capturing branch of the government. Even the top police general Lee Heup tried to capture Hong Gil-Dong, but Lee was only made a fool.

Despite the Kings order to capture him, no one could escape from suffering by Gil-Dongs magic of ho-pung-hwan-woo (act of calling for wind and rain) and dun-gap-jang-sin (act of disappearance to hide onself). The royal court then appeased to Minister Hong, and with support by Gil-Dongs brother In-Hyeong, they petitioned to make Gil-Dong the minister of army and war. Gil-Dong came to Seoul to become head of army and war ministry.

Later on, Gil-Dong left his homeland toward Nam-Kyeong, but discovered the nation of Yul-Do scenic with mountain and streams. He conquered the goblins and saved the beautiful woman who was captured as as a hostage, and became the king of Yul-Do nation. Then, upon hearing news of his fathers death, he returned to his native land and mourned for 3 years, then returned to Yul-Do nation and managed his nation well.

Kang Ji Hwan asHong Gil Dong
An illegitimate child born from a servant.
His birth mother died as soon as she gave birth to him.
At the age of 3, he showed signs of being a genius by memorizing the Analects of Confucius & Book of Mencius without anyone teaching him. Because of that, he became the target of jealously and caution. He was treated as a black sheep in his home. His father neglects him, his stepmother treats him like a bug, and on top of that, he was also being tortured by others. His brother, In Hyung, received lots of love from his mother, Mrs. Kim, while Gil Dong grew up lonely without a shield.

Sung Yu Ri asHeo Lee Nok
Her true identity is that shes the only daughter of Minister Ryu Geun Chan. Without knowing her true identity & past, she grew up as the granddaughter of Heo No In, a physician and a crook. Without any reason, she always dresses like a guy, wearing her grandfathers clothes, just because guy clothes are comfortable.

Jang Geun Suk asLee Chang Hwui
King Suns only child. His brother, Kwang Whe, who is Choi Sook Bins son, was already crowned prince and then became King. Chang Whe was sentenced to death. With his mothers sacrifice, he and court lady Noh were able to escape. To everyone, he is the dead prince. He and court lady Noh make a living as a merchant, while waiting to make a comeback. He lives each day waiting to take revenge.

Kim Ri Na asSeo Eun Hye
Minister Seos only daughter. She is like an ice princess. She is smart and has a good education. Because shes a girl, she knows that she cant accomplish anything and that she must go through an arranged marriage someday, which she really dislikes. She knows that Minister Hongs oldest son, In Hyung, likes her but she is more interested in that familys illegitimate son, Gil Dong.

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