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[TVB] Khí Phách Hào Tình - No Regrets (32/32 Tập AVI - USLT)

Ngày: 3.12.2011
Người Đăng: Bí ẩn

Khí Phách Hào Tình - No Regret - Khi Phach Hao Tinh

Also known as: Rosy Business II,Rosy Business: No Regrets
Genre: Period drama
Format: Serial
Created by: Lee Tim-shing
Written by: Mak Sai-lung,Yeung Shut-yee,Shek Hoi-ting
Directed by: Luk Tin-wah,Chan Yiu-chuen,Ng Kuen-ching
Theme music composer: Tang Chi-wai, Yip Kai-chung
Opening theme : Yee Hoi Ho Ching (義海豪情) performed by Leo Ku
Country of origin: Hong Kong
No. of episodes: 32
Producer(s): Lee Tim-shing
Editor(s): Cheung Wah-biu,Chan Ching-yee
Location(s): Hong Kong
Original run: 18 October 2010
* Wayne Lai portrays Lau Sing (劉醒), the leader of a police crew, who develops a peculiar affection towards Miss Kau. Although Sing is known to be very agitating, always talking in a sharp and harsh tongue, he is hard-working, intuitive, and heroic. According to Lai, he considers No Regrets to be his representative work. He describes Sing to be "experienced, but [he] has a sad fate." In contrast with the main characters in Rosy Business, Sing is seen as the protector of Miss Kau, similar to the way how Hong Po-kei protects Chai Kau in Rosy Business.
* Sheren Tang portrays Cheng Kau-mui (鄭九妹). Known as Miss Kau (九姑娘), she is the only daughter of Cheng Long-kwan, the most powerful drug tycoon in Canton. Despite ing her father manage the familys opium and other underground businesses, she has a deep hatred toward banned-hostbanned-hostbanned-hostbanned-hostbanned-host. Tang expressed that it took a while for her to grasp Miss Kaus character. "Her character is extremely complex. She doesnt abide to one direction; she may be doing one thing, but shes actually thinking of doing something else in her head. Shes an extremely manipulative woman." Miss Kau will also develop a romantic relationship with Sing, and Tang describes their relationship to be "extremely complicated; theres love and hate, right and wrong; and most of the time, they oppose each other."
* Fala Chen portrays Lau Ching (劉晴), Sings younger sister who has a heart disease. She and Yeung mutually have feelings for each other.
* Pierre Ngo portrays Tong Kat (唐吉). Nicknamed Spareribs (排骨), a metaphorical phrase for "skinny weakling", he is Sings good friend and subordinate. Unlike Ngos portrayal of the villainous Chiang Bit-man in Rosy Business, Spareribs is a much simpler and kinder character. He has no ambition in life; he is good-natured, insipid, and becomes a police officer only because he wants to live a steady life and raise a family.
* Raymond Wong portrays Yeung Yeung (楊陽), Sings good friend and subordinate. Yeung, who has been best friends with Ching since they were children, develops a crush on Ching, but is too shy to express his feelings to her.
* Nancy Wu portrays Ma Lai-wah (馬麗華), Kwans young concubine. Shes narrow-minded, bears grudges, and has very high self-esteem.
* Elena Kong portrays Chiu Tung-nei (趙冬妮), Sings wife. She has an affair with a government official.
* Kara Hui portrays Ng Lai-sim (吳麗嬋), Yeungs mother.
* Evergreen Mak portrays Leung Fei-fan (梁非凡), Sings superior.
* Elliot Ngok portrays Cheng Long-kwan (鄭朗軍), Miss Kaus father. After many years of patience and hard work, he successfully establishes a opium den and drug trading business in Canton, becoming one of the biggest drug dealers in the county.
* Susan Tse portrays Cheng Long-hei (鄭朗喜), Kwans younger sister. She often questions Miss Kaus ability to be a leader, and tries her best to her nephews gain power within the society.
* King Kong portrays Colonel Mukaiyama Tetsuya (向山鐵也; むかいやま てつや), Takashi Akumarins subordinate. He works closely with Miss Kau.

Sheren Tang
Wayne Lai
Raymond Wong
Fala Chen
Pierre Ngo
Nancy Wu
Elliot Ngok
Susan Tse
Kara Hui
Evergreen Mak
Kwok Fung
Elena Kong...

Synopsis:Guangzhou is in a state of political turmoil in the 1930s. Gangsters are on a rampage and opium trading becomes rampant. As they watch the illicit profits from opium trading escalate, the government forms the Anti-Smoking Bureau under the guise of suppressing opium, but the bureau is under the influence of Cheng Long-kwan (Elliot Ngok), the gang’s kingpin. His eldest daughter Cheng Kau-mui (Sheren Tang) who is an unscrupulous person soon returns from Shanghai to reap the rewards. Mui meticulously plans her every move.On the other hand, Lau Sing (Wayne Lai) is the leader of the Criminal Investigation Team. He has worked hard all his life to ensure an easy trail for his family, especially for his bed-ridden younger sister Lau Ching (Fala Chen). Despite his hot temper, he values friendship and brotherhood more than anything else. Once, he almost sacrificed his life to his timid teammate, Tong Kat (Pierre Ngo).Meanwhile, the Japanese army invades China and Canton falls into the hands of the Japanese. Mui enters the darkest time in her life when her aunt Cheng Long-hei (Susan Tse) frames her.Will Sing always be by her side?


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Tập 1 FULL: Download
Tập 2 FULL: Download
Tập 3 FULL: Download
Tập 4 FULL: Download
Tập 5 FULL: Download
Tập 6 FULL: Download
Tập 7 FULL: Download
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