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Nang Nak - Người Vợ Ma, phim Thái Lan 1999 - Hình ảnh đẹp.

Ngày: 5.13.2006
Người Đăng: Bí ẩn

Nang Nak

Phim Thái lan - 1999 - Phụ đề tiếng Anh. Tựa tiếng Trung Quốc là Người Vợ Ma.
Phim đoạt 4 giải thưởng tại liên hoan phim Pan Asia bao gồm cả giải hình ảnh đẹp nhất (Best Picture).

Starring: Indhira Jaroenpura, Winai Kraibutr
Director: Nonzee Nimibutr
Description: DVD Features:

Mak is a drifter who returns to his wife, Nak, from war. Before long Mak begins to realize that his wife and son are not quite as they appear to be, and he gradually becomes aware of the painful truth. A haunting ghost story based on a Thai legend, with a unique style and look. Winner of four awards at the Pan Asia Film Festival including Best Picture.

When I first studied in the university for movie productions, I was taken away by Bram Stoker's Dracula, the beautiful settings and play of shadows. I thought that all such romantic horror films should take on similar cinematography to make the film beautiful.

However, when I watched Nang Nak after graduation, I really salute to the director for making such a beautiful story. The story behind the legend was true, and it was the perfect choice of the director to choose the production of this film as a love-story instead of a horror movie.

Basically it all started out of love, the love of a woman to her man, bearing his child and yet, before they could get together again as a family, they had to be separated by heaven and earth as she dies during child birth. The female lead did a wonderful job to be so constrained, so soft and almost to the point of pitiful loving which makes it truly understandable why she could not leave her husband despite her death.

To intensify her longing to be with her husband, we saw how she was robbed off her belongings at the point of her death while she was giving birth, a young woman who had to bear the pain of childbirth without the support of her husband by her side. During that time, there were no modern hospital facilities and giving birth in itself is a dangerous labor of love. Her courage beaten, her life taken, and yet she had not been able to see her husband for the last time.

It is no wonder that such a loving woman would bring her child along with her to meet with her husband once more, just so that they can live together again as a happy family. Everyone in this world hopes for such a happy family life and yet this very basic human right had been taken away from her. Despite her coming back to haunt the village, as a viewer I can only pity her for her everlasting love for her husband and her strong will to keep herself within this realm of existence just to be with him, defying all laws of nature.

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